Statement of Authority

From an idea in a name to the Public Domain and Common Law. Inasmuch, the nonprofit corporation [The Goodwill Ambassadors, Inc.] was originally created in Pennsylvania in 1980, and recreated in Washington, D.C. as [Goodwill Ambassadors, Inc] in 1992, dissolved in 1994, was soon thereafter re-manifested to become Goodwill Ambassadors of the World in 2009 on Blogger and Facebook to further identify the corporation trade names and social media identity "Goodwill Ambassadors" on Facebook with the same idea presented as the responsible authority within the Goodwill Ambassadors Mark and Seal of Approval, as a legal assumed trade name to operate, the legal trade name for the commission is [Goodwill Ambassador Foundation] was first used in non-profit non-commercial fundraising efforts by Globcal International beginning in 2013.

Goodwill Ambassadors™ is and has been the well-known intellectual property of Globcal International and the Goodwill Ambassador Foundation which has been continuously operated by persons that have been granted the "Honorable" title or a professional role of "Goodwill Ambassador" by heads-of-state and international organizations. In 2021 we placed the "Goodwill Ambassadors Mark" in the Public Domain. Even with nearly 12 years of continuous use on Facebook and Blogger and exposure to more than 1,000,000 viewers. As a trademark that is a wordmark "Goodwill Ambassadors" is not eligible to be registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the purposes of actual "goodwill ambassadors", using the post nominal honorific "Goodwill Ambassador"; but ambassadors can trademark and register their names using the title "Goodwill Ambassador" legally or through an organization that maintains good offices and a correctly allocated web presence.

To be a valid trademark or service mark that uses the "registered" symbol the term "Goodwill Ambassadors" must be combined with third or fourth ideas, terms or words. Goodwill Ambassadors® is a registered trademark that belongs to the Harlem Globetrotters for basketball entertainment. The foundation understands that the "term" [goodwill ambassadors] is too generic and highly descriptive to serve as a sole mark of any company that provides services for goodwill ambassadors does not necessarily infringe on our use of it as a distinctive mark internationally which was built incorporating the model principles of the United Nations. As a Creative Commons website and the title of our copyright under Creative Commons assures readers they are getting accurate details and verifiable references from the U.S. Library of Congress and other online academic and historical resources that are sourced online in archives used by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Our programs assure the integrity of a given title, trace its history, respect diplomatic protocol, follow international and common law understandings. Under our mandate as a legal commission of Globcal International as holders of honorary titles to protect the integrity of the valor of the "Honorable" title, our sometimes anonymous researchers and officers all all protected under the Volunteer Act of the United States, we will not appear before a court as a defendant or expert witness regarding trademark, service mark or trade name infringement regarding the use of honorific titles without the Plaintiff(s), Client(s) or Defendant(s) without first posting a surety bond or retainer of $50,000 with the Foundation.

Legal Statement

Wherewithal, as the largest, oldest and most comprehensive representative reference work in the Creative Commons, a top reference website ranking above 1,000,000 in Alexa and Wikipedia factual contributor we have earned the right to continue to use the TM symbol. And whereas our organization has inspired and produced numerous goodwill ambassadors that work for the United Nations and have started programs supported by the United Nations we are dutifully and equally obliged to register "official titles" for noteworthy organizations involving soft power authority and compiling descriptive data and verifying facts about those who are authorized as public figures to use the honorable title "Goodwill Ambassador" or their actual title "_________ Goodwill Ambassador" or "Goodwill Ambassador for/of __________" as a professional postnominal honorific, or those entitled to the "Honorable" title having been recognized by a head-of-state or a fully qualified international non-governmental organization, international organization, international civil society organization, an indigenous tribe, other apolitical body politic or legally incorporated organization.

Our project "Honorificus" as a collective membership Certification Mark is developed to be representative of nearly any and all goodwill ambassadors and other honorable titles from many different legal perspectives and parts of the world in order to be objective in developing a registry for the determination of fake credentials, copy credentials, poorly made credentials or those without intrinsic value; there is no substitute for good judgement, history, legal experience and knowledge of an objective panel of independent goodwill ambassadors with diverse views. To accomplish our ideal registry had to be developed for the facility of apostilled documents that needed to be simplified electronically so that privacy could be properly implemented.

Our authority became clear when it was tested and entered as testimonial information to succeed in U. S. Federal Court Cases. What we learned in the case of Kentucky Colonels v. Kentucky Colonels about the importance of identity and trademarks, we had to select a name that was not generic or previously used in the United States or online, but was suggestive and descriptive. Since the intention of the decentralized cloud based is for universal access we had to use a generally acceptable identity provider so we chose our domain name with the registrant's name and credentials, users can choose from an encrypted login ID or their own name. The actual person and the Goodwill Ambassador Foundation™ are the only ones with access. We proved our points in Court when the case was voluntarily dismissed by the Plaintiff based on respecting the limits of the law that were presented in trademark law with an Honorific Title.

In 2021 we established new legal descriptive titles for the "United Nations goodwill ambassadors" as semantic data terminology definitions with Google and Wikipedia; the better titular descriptions is easier to remember when tagging or searching for the current appointed honorarily or currently working goodwill ambassadors that work in one of the specialized agencies.

To better define our authority we needed to develop an online identity registry product called Honorific.Us from Richmond, Kentucky and Honorific.Uk from Northern Ireland. Both will operate its intellectual property officially under the Honorificus™ and name filed on March 01st to post individual profiles using Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) provided by Google Cloud. Members of and users of or are focused on the official and legitimate use of honorific titles in the media in their dominions and their registration to public figures, limited purpose public figures, authors, writers and private persons legally with an honorific title or other pre-nominal or post-nominal title for signatory and presentation purposes. The Honorificus Foundation members are provided with title insurance with legal support if a registrant is challenged or standing in question as a goodwill ambassador, a post nominal letters patent user or any other honorific title holder.

Our deluxe registration services also offer communications portfolio development hosting and search engine results page (SERP) integration. Those who are registered receive a certificate of authenticity of their title from Honorificus.

Working for Honorificus

We always have room for good writers, narrators and spokespeople; it is unfortunate we do not have more volunteers of people willing to take up the charge of functioning as authors, developers and copywriters. Currently the project under development simply requires new emergent technology. It is a difficult bar to pass, especially considering the size and scope of the endeavor.