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Nearly every city, country, county, nation, organization, province, and state has the power to create Goodwill Ambassadors™ with a certificate, citation, commission, designation or proclamation to bring economic prosperity, friendship and goodwill to their lands and people with many different usually benevolent or benign purposes; the Goodwill Ambassador Commission exists to defend these individuals as front-line official protagonists that behold a legal purpose which is both trustworthy as a fiduciary agent and legal in terms of executive authority.

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Only a recognized Goodwill Ambassador Commissioner can issue a goodwill ambassador commission certificate or create a goodwill ambassador civilian officer (GACO). The Goodwill Ambassador Commission exists to protect, qualify and regulate the use of the Honorable Title, Goodwill Ambassador to adopt a code of ethics, respect an honor code, prevent fraud, and create integrity among ambassadors; while providing transparency and instilling public trust through a peer-to-peer autonomous decentralized organization. We provide assurance to the public that a particular goodwill ambassador is authentic with a verifiable link. The Goodwill Ambassador Commission (foundation) is both a common-interest association and a self-regulated policy initiative by goodwill ambassadors for goodwill ambassadors; participation and recognition are voluntary. The Goodwill Ambassador Commission exists as a 'de facto' common law/legal commission which is incorporated inextricably within the US Constitution under authorized patriates and legal bodies. Through registration of a title with the commission the title holder gains recognition in the United States, at the United Nations, in other US States and through US Embassies. Many other jurisdictions also recognize or are likely to recognize the Goodwill Ambassador Commission through building better organized, high-profile and structured goodwill ambassadorships.

Among Goodwill Ambassadors the International Goodwill Ambassador Commission is the holy grail of recognition because the commission verification issued by our foundation is a lifetime achievement award and credential resulting in a permanent record that is manifested which will endure for centuries to come.

Civil Officer badge for a Goodwill Ambassador
Goodwill Ambassador, Civilian Officer badge, designates the Honorable title (HON).

Purpose of the Commission

Each independent commissioner and the international commission both seek to assign, appoint, identify and recognize commission recipients with honor, integrity and transparency to be able to serve as public figures, philanthropic aid workers or practitioner diplomats. To accomplish this we must defend our objectives, policies, and regulate the use of the title as a formal, official and professional one.

The Goodwill Ambassador Commission was formed from multiple initiatives we have realized with goodwill ambassadors from the United Nations, the United States, the Commonwealth of Nations and other organizations to conserve and defend the descriptive, generic official and proper use of the idea of the "goodwill ambassador" as well as protect the term from ambiguous arbitrary and non-arbitrary uses as: 1) a title; 2) a trademark; 3) as part of a trade name; 4) a product name; 5) a domain name; 6) a copyright name or in anyway that: A) deprives another of a duly recognized honor; B) degrades a person or a program recognized by the commission; C) uses the title, copyright or common law trademark for commercial purposes or fundraising; D) commits fraud using the term; or E) reassigns the title or trademark to represent an unrelated idea.

All those persons that "use," our common law trademark "in commerce," assume risk, they are capable of creating a "likelihood of confusion" which will put them on our radar as potential defendants if we file a complaint against them in Federal Court. If the Goodwill Ambassador Commission or one of its members sends you a legal demand letter regarding the use of the trademark or title you should take it seriously, immediately find an attorney and seek a Declaratory Judgement in your local Federal Court stating that you are not infringing on our common law intellectual property, trademark, title or copyright. You will need to demonstrate that you have a predominant, precursory or preemptive right to our common law claims of 1964, 1980, 1992, 2009, and 2013. Once a lawsuit is filed it is too late to avoid becoming subject to providing the relief being sought which will usually involve a Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction; plus reasonable legal fees, court costs, and damages including any engorged profits.

Likewise any company or person that intentionally borrows, confuses, defames, dilutes, disrupts, equivocates, impersonates, negates or uses the benevolence of the "idea" or brings harm in anyway to the reputation, goodwill, honor or respect of the title or trademark is subject to legal action by the Goodwill Ambassador Commission and a fine of not less than $10,000 per incident.

Most disputes can be resolved through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the acquisition of a limited use commercial license or a registered non-commercial Creative Commons attribution license.

Rules and Regulations

All persons that register their certificates or are designated with the Goodwill Ambassador Commission are provided an IDaaS credential, a Code of Ethics, an Honor Code, a Protocol Manual and other supplemental documentation regarding the proper use of their title.

First Goodwill Ambassadors in the United States

Probably Col. Benjamin Franklin and/or Col. Daniel Boone

Alexis de Tocqueville, the French historian and author of “Democracy in America,” recognized and applauded U.S. voluntary action on behalf of the common good. His observations are just as relevant today, and not just with respect to volunteering within the United States. U.S. volunteers are having a big impact globally, states Michael Deal in Volunteerism: A tribute to US business and professional goodwill ambassadors.

Mission of the Goodwill Ambassador

All Goodwill Ambassadors have an official mission, a personal mission and a common mission; normally the short term mission is most often to create a benevolent, sustainable and incorruptible mutually beneficial relationship in the form of a project development under the authority of a goodwill ambassador or his/her organization.

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