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Please use this extended Main menu if you are doing academic research or newspaper research on the following topics it will guide you to the most relevant information on our website and the standard expected html files which may be hidden from view in other menus:

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A good place to start, once we have finished that is, our projected initial prototype completion date for the Goodwill Ambassadors Version 1.0 website and blog is February 02, 2022, but this will also depend on Punxsutawney Phil and his prediction on Groundhog Day, fortunately the groundhog wakes up early that day hours before our scheduled completion.

The blog "Goodwill Ambassadors of the World" and the website "Goodwill Ambassadors" are both operated by Globcal International and are the MAIN components of the Goodwill Ambassador Commission. Views expressed by editors of the Goodwill Ambassadors Blog are not necessarily the views or policies of the Goodwill Ambassador Commission or the International Goodwill Ambassador Commission. The blog is for educational, entertainment, and informative purposes and the articles there can be written by anyone with competent writing skills talking about someone other than themselves.

The About or About Us section of a website is an important crossroads because it must affirm all of the descriptive information about the website or an entity and answer all the questions that someone may ask "about" a particular topic or idea that is addressed by the website. Every topic or subject that is particular or unique about the Goodwill Ambassador Commission that is not blog fodder should cross-reference in the About Menu. (Also see Main Menu)

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