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Resources for Goodwill Ambassadors

There are a lot of resources for goodwill ambassadors, most of them are textual and academic to provide those who read them a good foundation for their character development and to inspire them to be successful in their missions. There are also some legal resources, but these items are not displayed here and can only be viewed by those who are duly commissioned.

An authoritative, commissioned, competent, proper and well-rounded goodwill ambassador that is recognized depends on a proper social education involving personal etiquette and professional protocol which they either already know or need to learn before engaging professionally. This section of the website will help both newly designated and professional goodwill ambassadors learn new things and adapt their qualification profiles.

Goodwill Ambassador Resources

Projected Pages and Resources in the Creative Commons

This section of our website will be updated regularly; there are sections with newspaper articles, a bibliography, a glossary, downloadable PDF files, protocol guides, a manual of etiquette and much, much more that connects here. The commission will even suggest which holidays and public observances ambassadors should value. Sometimes the files found here are dumped here before making it somewhere else, this page will be updated frequently and is based on site user contributions and suggestions. All authors are responsible for the content displayed here.

Wikipedia Articles Connected to Goodwill Ambassador

Our authors are experienced Wikipedia editors, as long time Wikipedia editors and ambassadors; together we have the authority to move and remove or delete misleading, potentially erroneous, infringing and otherwise defaming or inflammatory content, especially content from authors with less than a year online with 100 edits or contributions.