Authority (Legal Standing)

Statement of Legal Authority

We the members of Globcal International as independent Goodwill Ambassadors of other organizations, on May 09, 2009, officially assumed responsibility for Goodwill Ambassadors, Inc. chartered in Washington, DC in 1992 as a non-profit corporation dedicated to bringing prestige and recognition to goodwill ambassadors and ambassadors of goodwill. The occasion was marked by publishing a series of articles, establishing a website, and getting ranked #1 in the search engine results. Globcal International first used the term to identify its social media network, in 2012/2013 it was first used in commerce and recognized as a common law trademark of Globcal International when the term was adapted for marketing membership services and personal identification credentials. Today the objective of protecting the Title and Trademark has become essential due to the ambiguity and corruption that has resulted based on a lack of authority.

Use is Authority and Ownership

In 2010 Globcal International incorporated as a cooperative non-profit limited liability corporation in Washington, DC. Soon understanding that incorporation did not yet suit the development of our organization we allowed for the organization to be administratively terminated to establish an offshore post-office (good offices) in Vienna, Austria for diplomatic recognition under Col. Djordje Marinkovic, Kentucky Goodwill Ambassador living in Budapest, Hungary. During this time we maintained a high-profile presence on Facebook and Google Plus, many other organizations were developed copying our business concept and using our intellectual property.

In 2013 under the authority of Globcal International as an autonomous decentralized organization dedicated the "Goodwill Ambassadors Certification Committee" to develop a foundation and legal commission that could be recognized by "all types of goodwill ambassadors and the general public". In 2014 through 2017 we tried the World Passport product, then created our own Global Citizenship Passport Companion for Goodwill Ambassadors, thus were successful in creating a functional customs entry document that resulted in extended courtesies and treatment of travelers based on knowing more about them through presenting additional credentials (ie. doctor, professor, lawyer, goodwill ambassador, NGO worker).

From 2015 through 2020 the certification committee worked on documenting and validating an accurate history of the use of the term to claim authority over its use and to eliminate the illegal use, misuse, and otherwise infringing use to favor the proper and good use of the term as a copyright, an idea, name, trademark, title and appropriate designation with the formation of the Goodwill Ambassador Commission (Foundation).

Over the years Globcal International Goodwill Ambassadors (GIGA)s, have spent countless hours studying the behaviors of commissioned, non-commissioned, unofficial, honorary, official, corporate, nonprofit, religious and politically motivated so-called goodwill ambassadors before we decided to push for the "Official Recognition" of the Goodwill Ambassador Title and to begin restricting authorized use of our common law trademark with a focus on organizations that create unrecognized and unauthorized goodwill ambassadors that have infringed on our trademark and the honorable title of goodwill ambassadors that work under governors of states and specialized agencies of the United Nations.

The Foundation (responsible for the commission) is a now primary charitable public and civil service commission that is administered by recognized Goodwill Ambassadors from a wide-variety of backgrounds. Any ambassador that is honorably or officially commissioned and registers with the Goodwill Ambassador Commission can be recognized starting in 2022.

Liberty cannot depend on the good intentions of those in power; it depends on the law to constrain those in power. ~ Barack Obama

Protected Terms from the Public Domain

From an idea in a name, to being merged in the Public Domain as of 2022 (December 1927 - 2022) after 95 years and under common law the idea Goodwill Ambassador shall remain a protected one under our commission, that is entitled to at least the same protection afforded to 4-H Club Members, Kentucky Colonels, Judge Advocates, police officers or other officially and publicly commissioned officers of state; who are entitled to their name and possess the right not to be confused, impersonated or assimilated with unauthorized persons that have not been granted lawful titles. Meaning you should not say you are a Goodwill Ambassador in Title unless you really are one!

Inasmuch, the nonprofit corporation [Goodwill Ambassadors] was originally created in Tennessee in 1964 as an educational outreach organization, and recreated in Washington, D.C. as [Goodwill Ambassadors, Inc.] in 1992, although it was dissolved in 1994, was soon re-manifested to become Goodwill Ambassadors of the World in 2009 on Blogger and Facebook to further identify the corporation trade names and social media identity "Goodwill Ambassadors" on Facebook with the same idea presented as the responsible authority within the Goodwill Ambassadors Mark and Seal of Approval, as a legal assumed trade name to operate, the legal trade name for the commission is [Goodwill Ambassador Foundation] was first used in non-profit non-commercial fundraising efforts by Globcal International beginning in 2010, with a new incorporation effort in Washington, DC.

Goodwill Ambassadors™ is and has been the well-known intellectual property of Globcal International and the Goodwill Ambassador Foundation (Commission) which has been continuously operated by persons that have been granted the "Honorable" title or a professional role of "Goodwill Ambassador" by heads-of-state and international organizations. In 2021 we placed the "Goodwill Ambassadors Mark" outside the Public Domain with some legal protection that prevents it from being commercialized. Even with nearly 12 years of continuous use on Facebook and Blogger and exposure to more than 1,000,000 viewers. As a trademark that is a wordmark "Goodwill Ambassadors" is not eligible to be registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the purposes of actual "ambassadors of goodwill" in their generic or descriptive sense, using the post nominal honorific "Goodwill Ambassador"; but ambassadors can trademark and register their names using the title "Goodwill Ambassador" legally or through an organization that maintains good offices and a correctly allocated web presence, actual use is what establishes common law rights is Federal Court.

To be a valid trademark or service mark that uses the "registered" symbol the term "Goodwill Ambassadors" must be combined with third or fourth ideas, terms or words that are arbitrary from our own use and not generic or descriptive of goodwill ambassadors. Goodwill Ambassadors® is a registered trademark that belongs to the Harlem Globetrotters for basketball entertainment. The foundation understands that the "term" [goodwill ambassadors] is too generic and highly descriptive to serve as a sole mark of any company that provides services for goodwill ambassadors does not necessarily infringe on our use of it as a distinctive mark internationally which was built incorporating the model principles of the United Nations. As a Creative Commons website and the title of our copyright under Creative Commons assures readers they are getting accurate details and verifiable references from the U.S. Library of Congress and other online academic and historical resources that are sourced online in archives used by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Our Position of the Matter

Our programs assure the integrity of a given title, trace its history, respect diplomatic protocol, follow international and common law understandings. Under our mandate as a legal commission of Globcal International as holders of honorary titles to protect the integrity of the valor of the "Honorable" title, our sometimes anonymous researchers and officers all all protected under the Volunteer Act of the United States, we will not appear before a court as a defendant or expert witness regarding trademark, service mark or trade name infringement regarding the use of honorific titles without the Plaintiff(s), Client(s) or Defendant(s) without first posting a surety bond or retainer of $50,000 with the Foundation.

Understanding the harder we tried in the social media and news the more fake and imposter goodwill ambassador roles were created in organizations pushing political and religious agendas; the more we understood that we were dealing with sometimes deranged individuals we hired a psychologist to filter out these profiles. Creating an impenetrable barrier using whitelisting, greylisting, blacklisting, combined with red, yellow and green labeling with specific ethics groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms.

As common law copyright and trademark owners issuing authorized Creative Commons 1.0 to 4.0 International Licenses to the organizations that have responsibly used the "Goodwill Ambassadors" Mark for 10 years or more and also currently use the Title "Goodwill Ambassador" while restricting the use of the Mark or Title as part of any business name or corporation name we can diligently police and monitor spurious and unofficial uses by third-parties. We have identified many unauthorized users that do not understand our policies and only a few which require legal action.