Goodwill Ambassador Job Title

The Honorable Title, Goodwill Ambassador as a suffix to a personal name is different from a person that represents the goodwill of a company or a brand identity, or a community ambassador from the local Goodwill Store. There are guidelines for the elaboration of the term as a job title, a job description and as a qualification on a curriculum vitae.

Job Description, Duties and Job Title

A job title and a duly commissioned officer title differ significantly, you can be a professional goodwill ambassador for an organization or corporation without necessarily having a commission or being recognized by the Goodwill Ambassador Commission. As a job description however, a person is most likely best described as a "goodwill brand ambassador", normally "brand ambassadors" for companies or organizations are known simply as ambassadors to avoid infringing on our trademarks or the trademarks of Goodwill Industries. Among goodwill ambassadors it is generally understood (legally defined) that ambassadors of goodwill must have a perpetual cause, a mission, a purpose and represent an organization or state.

Brand ambassadors work with the sales and marketing team to come up with unique strategies to market their products and services. Their job is to support the corporation by creating content often as an actor that encourages the public to engage with their products and services. Brand ambassadors can also be mascots which generate goodwill thematically to an event like a sports competition, or the members of a team themselves, likewise a person passing out coupons for a free soda could be all called goodwill brand ambassadors.

By definition for goodwill to exist between the public and an entity, a reputable long-term mutually beneficial relationship must also exist and have an environmental or philanthropic purpose or cause which is normally nonprofit. Generally only global issues that are fully understood by all the parties can be addressed by a goodwill ambassador; causes and movements defending or protecting civil rights that are subject to political conflict or religious interpretation are not points for goodwill ambassadors to address. Goodwill ambassadors do not get involved in issues regarding animal rights, abortion, LGBTQ issues, etc. because they are issues that are addressed on a national level, politically or through religious fundamentalism.

Historically in the 1950s - 2010

In the US there is a rich history involving the use of the idea, term, and title "Goodwill Ambassador" starting around 1927 when the term was being applied by newspaper reporters as opposed to "ambassador of good will" which was used as early as 1821.

(business service) alternate titles: welcome-wagon host/hostess

Promotes goodwill and solicits trade for local business firms who are members of parent organization: Develops list of prospective clients from such sources as newspaper items, utility companies' records, and local merchants. Visits homes of new residents, prospective parents, recently married couples, engaged persons, and other prospects to explain and sell services available from local merchants. Usually presents token gifts or gift certificates to induce clients to use local services or purchase local merchandise. Prepares reports of services rendered and visits made for parent organization and member firms. May solicit new organization membership. May explain community services available. May organize clubs and plan parties for new residents.

Professional Goodwill Ambassador Duties

Building goodwill with foreign nationals – both government and civilian – is an important part of an ambassador's role. This role involves working with humanitarian, economic development and cultural organizations. Entertaining dignitaries and members of nongovernmental organizations is a major part of this responsibility. Even in countries where the United States is not viewed with warmth, American aid is always accepted. It is the ambassador's responsibility to maximize the goodwill created. While approximately 30 percent of ambassador appointments are political patronage, celebrity and expert ambassadors can be effective in promoting better relations, cultural exchanges and improved social and economic conditions in developing countries.