License of Title

License to Use Goodwill Ambassador Mark

This is an implicit and express agreement in the form of a registered license to use the collective membership marks and titles for the described and generic use of the intellectual property (trademarks, servicemarks, titles, names, and forms of address) appropriately understanding the naming conventions, diplomatic protocol, internationalization, common law and the laws of nations as registered users of the Marks.

Persons appointed or announced by the United Nations Specialized Agencies, states, governments and distinguished international organizations the role of Global, World, National or Regional [Goodwill Ambassador] or Advocate are implicitly admitted and recognized by designating their cause to the Goodwill-Ambassador Domain.

A complete list of licensed and registered Creative Commons non-commercial users shall be attached.

The Mark(s)

The following intellectual property has been in use for the express purposes of our foundation and used in commerce since as early as 1992 and engaged in commerce as "Goodwill Ambassadors" in 2009 using Facebook, Blogger and Google+. Today the trademark serves as a website and assimilated identity for the Goodwill Ambassador Foundation.





All registered users of the Title and Trademark (Mark) are provided with a registry entry and made available to the IT cloud using IDaaS, likewise the title and trademark are considered "things" that are designated virtually as much as they are in reality, connecting a person or an entity name to the title or a trademark requires documentation and recognition. Moreover there is a document (letters patent, letter of credence, appointment letter, manuscript or proclamation) that connects the person to an extra-official title or title of authority in a very extra-legal and official sense which only they possess.

The initial license fee is $5,000 which is normally paid by the licensee's employer or can be paid over 18 months if the person is self-employed, the annual licensing fee to use the Goodwill Ambassador Mark by individuals is obtained by donating $250 or more per year to the Goodwill Ambassador Foundation, elaborating a transparent online biography, and sending an annual photograph to be considered an active member of the Foundation as of January 2022. Membership in the Goodwill Ambassador Foundation is voluntary, only active volunteers may be selected to serve on the Goodwill Ambassadors Commission (Operations Committee) based on their donation habits or history. Any licensed user may be requested to serve as a board member or panel advisor.

All similar titles, descriptive names, trademarks, service marks, collective marks, and specific titles have been registered under a free non-commercial Creative Commons user with co-existent rights, official users or as governmental users. Any titles or uses that are not registered are considered unofficial uses are subject to precaution, question and speculation. As a rule, we discourage ambiguous, arbitrary, creative or generic use of the Marks because it takes away from the effectivity of the official use of the honorable title.