Names and Spaces

Goodwill Ambassador(s') Namespace

To develop fair and accurate SERP and SEO results for each person in the world we must ask that all those who are goodwill ambassadors to build their own small networks using consistent keyword terminology to accurately and better describe their website developments. Those who have search engine results page a search engine optimization etiquette will understand that more is better when it is well-done and well-organized, if it is untempered it only benefits a few. Therefore we must ignore, not recognize those who do not follow basic standards Goodwill Ambassadors set for protocol in presentation. Ambiguous and confusing use of the postulous term or honorable title should never be assumed or or fully understood. There are standards in recognition in a global organized civil society to identify each actor.

Implicitly the title "Goodwill Ambassadors" as a web page title or website name to others who have programs that they want to have found by anyone else, so to fairly compete in this namespace we created our website based in the public domain under Creative Commons licensing to serve as an authority for standards and registration of the honorable title as a Goodwill Ambassador.

Verified Entity

To verify if an agency, administrative body, authoritative entity or a jurisdiction is a registered license user for "Goodwill Ambassador" as a title or "Goodwill Ambassadors" as a group name or web page title simply use their https://[InstitutionID] or for persons https://[BrandID] will take you to their Wikipedia page or a webpage that was referenced or designated for the title and the program name.

As a goodwill ambassador and a public figure writing and describing oneself in the social media it is always better to have an individual page to protect your personal profile.

[Institution Name + (Institution ID)] + [Goodwill Ambassador] should appear several times in your profile starting with the first sentence of the description.

  • Personal Title:
    [Person's Name],
    [Institution ID] + [Goodwill Ambassador]

  • Webpage Title:
    [Institution Name +/- (Institution ID)] [Goodwill Ambassadors]

Individuals and institutions that do not follow these recommended parameters and demonstrate responsible naming conventions will not be qualified with the Honorificus or Goodwill Ambassador Marks.