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All contributions to the Goodwill Ambassador Commission are 100% tax deductible under sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1) or the Internal Revenue Service Code designating its charter and purposes as tax-exempt educational and philanthropic activities.

Help Us Reach Our Goals

With your help within two short years the Goodwill Ambassador Commission can reach its goals of becoming an autonomous international authority! We will begin to implement new draft regulations in 2023 relative to the Goodwill Ambassador title, job description, as an organization name, service mark and trademark.

After many years of diligent research and determination we have finally positioned ourselves well enough to begin seeking our autonomy as a public service commission. Each year to meet our obligations, our sponsor, Ecology Crossroads invests between $28,700 and $36,000 in our presence online through Globcal International which provides financial support, development guidance and pro-bono logistics. As a nongovernmental and non state authority we cannot accept donations or grants from governments or quasi-governments such as the United Nations, so we must depend on the general public.

The Goodwill Ambassador Commission operates on a strict maximum programming budget of US $50,000 per year, our edits come from many people including representatives of governments and organizations, however our Creative Commons edits are now fact-checked and audited which requires professional editors that are paid. Our re-establishment since we were originally founded in 1992 in Washington, DC has been an event in the making, connecting more than 1,000 commissioned sources of Goodwill Ambassadors. In the future we will be releasing a database of all civil commissions and their officers, our website over 1000 pages deep requires much work, we need donations for this and to maintain our projected operations budget of US $36,000.