Goodwill Ambassador Commission

Goodwill Ambassador™ is a post-nominal honorific title designation, a professional occupation and/or authoritative position that is assigned to a person who advocates for a specific cause or global issue on the basis of their notability such as a celebrity, public figure, an advocate, authority or expert. Sometimes the role/title of a Goodwill Ambassador is presented (styled) as "Ambassador", "Advocate" or "Goodwill Ambassador" preceding the first and last name, and the titled name of an individual is always presented with an organizational, regional or national affiliation as stated in customary law. The Collective Mark™ serves as a Title Mark (TM) which is licensed and regulated by the Goodwill Ambassador Commission has become a Famous Mark for individuals who are selected for the legal and authoritative position internationally. Persons entitled to display and use the Famous Mark are licensed by the Office of the Commission Council Registrar in Sweden. Unofficial use of the Mark and Title are prohibited by law.

Goodwill Ambassador Commission - Goodwill Ambassadors™

The Goodwill Ambassador Commission (Goodwill Ambassadors™) is an internationally recognized non-governmental institutional development council established by individual ambassadors that have been recognized with the honorable title: Goodwill Ambassador™ by a designated head-of-state, nation, secretariat, organization or political body. The Goodwill Ambassador Commission is responsible for ensuring the rights and privileges of a Goodwill Ambassadors™ globally through recognition and publication of events; the commission guarantees legal access to the title: Goodwill Ambassador™. On January 01, 2023, the term, idea and concept "goodwill ambassador" became part of the public domain, therefore the commission has developed its semantic protocol for its professional use as a legal title: Goodwill Ambassador™ is now regulated and authorized in customary and statutory law. 

An International Civil Society Officer's Career as a Commissioned Goodwill Ambassador is an Important and Significant Contribution to the People and the Planet

Goodwill Ambassadors of the World represents a collective agenda based on the ideal of advocating benevolence, democracy and goodwill to solve some of the world's greatest challenges and address the global issues identified by international civil society organization advocates seeking change. Our program was originated recognizing the protagonists of social well-being, which include global and local goodwill ambassadors from a wide-range of international governmental organizations, governments, US states, nations, cities, indigenous states, non-governmental organizations (iNGO)s, civil society organizations (iCSO)s, local nonprofits and other benign non-state actors. We have recognized men and women with civil service awards for work on 6 of 7 continents and in more than 200 jurisdictions since 2009, in 2021 our initiative began expanding.

Official Extralegal Title

In March 2021 our organization began cooperating in developing official title holder designations for goodwill ambassadors working with the UN, states of the United States, the Commonwealth of Nations, Latin America, African nations, exemplary organizations and other jurisdictions to both disambiguate and distinguish the honorific title prominently and extralegally. Goodwill Ambassador is not a hollow title or necessarily an honorary one, however honorary or official the ideal and rules are the same.

Goodwill Ambassadors Website

This new website "Goodwill Ambassadors" is being developed to serve as an encyclopedic reference and resource guide regarding the idea of the Goodwill Ambassador in history tracing them from the beginning of civilization, in international affairs, diplomatic relations and the age of exploration. Goodwill ambassadorships date back to the days of Marco Polo and Ancient Greece. There is a lot of history about the subject, our focus here will be targeted on the legal use of the term, title and trademark(s). The Goodwill Ambassador Commission is the original goodwill organization starting in 1963.

This website will also focus on a serialized digital registry operated by the Commission used to confirm the identity of members of the International Civil Society Officer Corps (ICSOC) and other authorized partners to obtain a Laissez-Passer (Goodwill Ambassador Passport) or Registered Letter of Credence. Goodwill Ambassadors is a proprietary Creative Work which offers several CC Licenses to protect the Commissioners and titled Goodwill Ambassadors from infringement of our intellectual property.

The website, the blog and content is exclusively derived from Globcal International, the United Nations, US states, US law and other public sources; the story told by the "website" and our "presence" is part of our historical patent and copyrighted; all content cited should include a link and reference to this Creative Work.

UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay, has commissioned Japanese film director Naomi Kawase as "UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Cultural and Creative Industries."
UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay, has commissioned Japanese film director Naomi Kawase as "UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Cultural and Creative Industries." Kyodo News

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Goodwill Ambassador Legal Compliance

Please Note: The names, titles, collective marks, trademarks and service marks [Goodwill Ambassador™] and [Goodwill Ambassadors™] are protected as unregistered marks under Common-Law intellectual property doctrines, the Copyright Act 17 U.S. Code and the Lanham Act under 15 U.S. Code § 1125 are applied for the licensed, protected and unlicensed non-commercial activities of governmental, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organizations under many distinct implicitly licensed and associated title holders, however globally there are approximately 25,000 persons that are unlawfully engaged infringing upon or misrepresenting these Honorable Titles and Title Marks through false designations of origin, false descriptions, and dilution contrary to the motivation of national Diplomatic Corps, philanthropic organizations and United Nations goodwill ambassadors of 12 specialized agencies that use the Marks, Naming Convention and Title correctly. 

Being Recognized as a Goodwill Ambassador has its Privileges

You do not have to be Angelina Jolie or a celebrity to become or be recognized as an ambassador of goodwill. Any individual or organization that emulates, projects and promotes themselves with positive ideals across national or international borders (including in social media) can potentially be recognized by our international civil society organization (iCSO) to legitimately use the post nominal occupational title of "Goodwill Ambassador" upon being recognized civilly [in-state] by an organization and diplomatically [extra-officially] by a head-of-state, elected official or member of the judiciary. 

To be recognized as a goodwill ambassador officially with the nominal "Honorable" title as a prefix to their name most often requires being acknowledged by sitting a head-of-state, identified by a UN News Release. There are no extra-legal substitutes for use of the "Honorable" or "Official" title. 

Those who we do recognize with an honorary or official commission to be acknowledged as civil service officers are granted letters patent warranted by their certificate, they are authorized to use a badge, obtain a Goodwill Ambassador lifetime credential (identification card), become eligible for apostillation, and can apply for an iNGO Laissez-Passer (work credential) to compliment their passport. 

The Goodwill Ambassador Commission is a formal introduction for those going on "international goodwill missions" to the head-of-state, secretary-of-state, diplomatic officer, tribal chiefs or secretariats of more than 1,000 jurisdictions that can be recognized with a letter of credence. The foundation for the commission also makes recommendations (nominations) for other civil acknowledgements for members deeds seeking certification and recognition.   

Photo: Angelina Jolie in Davos Most Honorable Angelina Jolie in her role with the UN where she has headed or participated in more than 250 goodwill missions addressing significant world issues.
There are few people that are as so highly recognized in the area of goodwill diplomacy than the Most Honorable Angelina Jolie in her role with the UN where she has headed or participated in more than 250 goodwill missions addressing significant world issues. Photo: Wikipedia

Recognition is the Key to Success

With the abundant and prolific use of the keyword terminology "goodwill ambassador" since we began in the social media as the primary collective idea influencer and protagonist in civil, public and state diplomacy we have had to redevelop and reform our organization to better recognize those who have achieved their success as ambassadors and advocates based in a non-discriminatory fashion to better represent a democratic world-view. While there are so many that like to use the term, recognition has become more important to provide verificable credentials to differentiate the types of ambassadors in the world theater of benign non-state actors engaged in citizen diplomacy today.

In the past, as well as the present day, only those who are credible, neutrally aligned, and connected for the right reasons should be recognized officially as "goodwill ambassadors" and ever more frequently cause advocates engaged in promoting a wide-range of benevolent and charitable programs and projects. Political parties and religious organizations are polarizing bodies that generally cannot be acknowledged. There are many steps that are encouraged much like a modern-day author or any other professional to receive the acknowledgement they deserve unless a person is already well-known enough to be introduced. 

Today there are several noteworthy organizations that have become the primary actors in creating the soft-power influence emulated by public civilian and goodwill diplomacy efforts that generate well-being in our society. Our objective has come to focus upon, acknowledge, establish and understand a Goodwill Ambassador Code of Ethics (GA-CoE)

Social Media and Goodwill Ambassadors

Once a person becomes a goodwill ambassador, he or she needs to identify with the idea of being recognized as a "Public Figure" or "Limited-Purpose Public Figure". To accomplish this they need to identify with other like minded individuals as a goodwill ambassador, join an organization of goodwill ambassadors or work independently from their own office. Normally today this is most often accomplished by connecting, maintaining and operating in the social media; a well elaborated Facebook page, a good LinkedIn profile, a Twitter account, a website and self-promotion of their activities. 

The social media is very important to goodwill ambassadors' public relations and real presence; it is also very important that those who are recognized properly present themselves and demonstrate transparency in their work. It provides Goodwill Ambassadors to also measure their results which is one of the most important factors for the organizations they work with in providing accountability to their members or constituents.

Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) has commissioned the celebrated actor and humanitarian Huang Xiaoming as a UNAIDS National Goodwill Ambassador for China.
The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) has commissioned the celebrated actor and humanitarian Huang Xiaoming as a UNAIDS National Goodwill Ambassador for China.  

Goodwill Ambassadors of the World

The Goodwill Ambassadors of the World is not a membership organization, it is an Open-Social publication which became viral before being halted when it was discovered that there were many pop-up organizations attempting to mimic our efforts using a religious or political narrative. Many of them also created arbitrary goodwill ambassadors for unrelated causes.

The Goodwill Ambassador Commission provides services recognizing the development of global and local public figures that are called 'Goodwill Ambassadors' working in the areas of international cooperation, diplomatic affairs, peacemaking, cultural exchange and the rights of indigenous people, among other global issues that have been identified. Our online presence (Creative Commons) reflects sharing news about goodwill ambassadors and periodically our own peers working in the public and private sectors; as well as in social media based goodwill diplomacy. The project is a commissioned fellowship developed by recognized goodwill ambassadors to form mutual affinity, brotherhood and fraternity to further develop public relations benefits. We do not endorse or affirm religious or politically motivated ambassadors or those using the title to derive a commercial gain.

Our services are available to goodwill ambassadors from more than 2,500 jurisdictions, 1,250 international organizations, 200 countries, 50 US states and 700 indigenous tribal fourth-world nations. Each organization can have as many as 250-300 goodwill ambassadors, while other organizations have only one, most have 6-12 which make a significant impact.

The Goodwill Ambassador Commission does not have a membership application, you are either a commissioned goodwill ambassador which makes you a member or you are not; the organization is an independent peer-reviewed commission of Globcal International which was founded by goodwill ambassadors to protect the title, idea, name and trademark for all. In 2021 we combined our resources, knowledge and ideas with the International Goodwill Ambassadors Guild to become a public policy compliance foundation, an exclusive decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and international non-governmental organization (iNGO) that is neutral in areas of conflict, politics, religion and the state (government). In 2022 our organization will provide acknowledgements and recognition certificates based on registering their own titles on the blockchain using an NFT technology. In 2023 the Goodwill Ambassador (Title and Person) we legalized as an official and  professional title based on its origin and source..

Goodwill Ambassador Commission Logo/Seal
"Planet Earth" our most valuable resource, our icon, logo and mark were updated to represent the planet earth and sustainable ecological development on a global scale. 

Notice: Our website is under redevelopment constantly, watch for a new reorganization schema of pages in January and February 2023.

Diplomatic Corps Blazon and Seal
Goodwill ambassadors that are duly recognized by their states Diplomatic Corps (CD) should be addressed "Your Excellency".


The "Goodwill Ambassadors" common law trademark, trade name, domain name, website, copyright and book title is about goodwill ambassadors, ambassadors of goodwill, the commissioners, and people that hold the honorable title "Goodwill Ambassador" based in history, that can be collaborated, challenged, factual stated, and recognized in the US Federal District Courts and the International Courts.  

The Goodwill Ambassador Commission is not associated, endorsed, sponsored or form a part of Goodwill® (Goodwill Industries, Inc.) which is a well-known charity in the United States that recycles used clothing and domestic items to raise funds for nonprofit purposes. While it is clear that our name is not an infringement on their trademark, there is concern among real "Goodwill Ambassadors" that Goodwill Industries' use of Goodwill® Ambassadors (as brand ambassadors) may be an infringement on our Common Law Rights as Goodwill Ambassadors that use the term "Goodwill Ambassador" as a title to define ourselves as actual civil goodwill ambassadors. Likewise there are many other organizations and people that harmlessly use our trademark which often leads to confusion, the empowerment of an international commission that is accessible online helps all goodwill ambassadors better align their goals and serve a high purpose in civil society, while disambiguating the many types of goodwill ambassadors and goodwill brand ambassadors. In 2022 we will begin taking issue with those who may be infringing on our trademark. 

Applicable Legal Title Licensed Use and Honorific Styling 

Legal unique name identifier: Goodwill Ambassador Commission | Goodwill Ambassadors


The Goodwill Ambassador Commission is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit international civil society organization (iCSO) that recognizes individual Commissioners authorized under Common Law from more than 2,500 civil society jurisdictions and from over 1,200 organizations to appoint, assign, create, delegate, designate, honor, recognize or title their constituents with an honorable civilian officership or authorize the mandate of an official Goodwill Ambassador from their legal jurisdiction. Only an authorized Commissioner can bestow the Honorable or Official, Goodwill Ambassador Title. As of January 01, 2023 under international, US and the common law of most states it has become unlawful to use the trademark title without being commissioned or designated; it is also contrary to law to impersonate a civil service officer that has been duly designated with the title under 15 U.S. Code § 1125 - False designations of origin, false descriptions, and dilution forbidden.