Goodwill Ambassadors

Ladies, gentlemen and naysayers from all walks of life, from every culture, of every ethnicity, from all around the world that have been recognized with the honorable title, Goodwill Ambassador can present their letters patent, certificate or proclamation to be acknowledged by the commission.

Who are the Goodwill Ambassadors?

Since we began online in 2009 as an informal social media formation, Globcal International has provided educational information and formal training to over 3,000 people wishing to become or work as "goodwill ambassadors" all around the world. In 2020 with many similar organizations in place and appropriate learning courses identified; our development and training programs were reformed to develop a registry of all those who have been honorably and legal recognized in their professions as ambassadors or goodwill ambassadors that are willing to follow our Honor Code and Code of Ethics. In 2021 it became an idea that met with the approval of the United Nations, the United States and other international quasi-governmental and nongovernmental institutions.

Since we started as a vision customs law and the use of the honorable title has given the Goodwill Ambassador status in global diplomacy and international law to create this endeavor launching a quasi-international non-governmental agency dedicated to public service and protection of the honorable designation of the title and subsequent appointment with the commission of the ambassador of goodwill or goodwill ambassador.

To learn about the agencies and organizations that we recognize and support as official "Goodwill Ambassadors" please see our resources section.

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Are you a goodwill ambassador?

How to Obtain Recognition as a Goodwill Ambassador

To obtain legal (diplomatic) recognition as a Goodwill Ambassador a person needs to be acknowledged as a goodwill ambassador or with the honorable title first by an "Authorized Commissioner" (ie. president, prime minister, governor, mayor, senator, alcalde, or chieftain) then by others in the Great Civilization! Recognition may be important to the person especially if they are not an 'A' rated celebrity, to better execute their mission, to gain sponsorship funding or to obtain other benefits and privileges available to commissioned goodwill ambassadors.

The more recognition, the more soft power that is developed by the Goodwill Ambassador title holder. According to one member of the Diplomatic Corps, "it would be convenient for a Goodwill Ambassador of New Jersey to write a letter to the Governor of California before arriving there on an economic development mission or even a visit to Yosemite, when they do arrive they can carry that letter, the reply and also say they were invited by the governor. This can then be used to leverage a news conference if there is an event or activity. Of course, under these circumstances details must be followed using formal protocol, understanding the Goodwill Ambassador code of ethics, honor code, and it will probably require an actual letter is sent, that is printed, signed and mailed; this will prompt a reciprocal reply. To guarantee reciprocity a Goodwill Ambassador will use FedEx, DHL or other overnight delivery, with instructions to reply by normal postal mail with a self-addressed envelope and two letter options one in the negative and the other in the positive, with a cover letter to the secretary, both letters identifying the letter recipient as a goodwill ambassador with a space for the dignitary's signature."

Since 2010 it has become easier for us to identify genuine goodwill ambassadors and distinguish them officially from their unofficial counterparts because many of the commissioners provided us with news releases, memorandums and also provide periodic correspondence listing the names and the reasons for each commission. We are also very dependent on the online news sources that feed their information to Bing, Google and Yahoo news services, which filters out intentionally ambiguous articles.

Since we began we have recognized approximately 1,000 goodwill ambassadors of which over 300 were designated by the United Nations and the European Union. Until now transparent registration and the presentation of credentials required extensive correspondence and three news articles before a person could prove who they were, how they became a goodwill ambassador, what their mission as an ambassador is, whether they are professional or volunteer, the term of their appointment, if they will be traveling, and the focus of their advocacy; of course these details needed to be confirmed.

Finally in 2022 we are doing something about it with a confidential registry product resulting in a Cloud IDaaS credential that can be applied to anyone who is using the title professionally to prove they are recognized through the commission. The new product although it takes about 20 minutes to complete, it uses other points of contact that are verifiable such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts as well as online news articles in order to obtain verification without the wait time or compounded data collection. Those being recognized with the commission can simply submit their data on their own or have their publicist do it from their smartphone, within 24 hours they will have their results.

Roxandra Sturdza, the period of the Congress of Vienna and her involvement in the philhellene movement in the 1820s. Her activities on behalf of the cause of the Greeks are constitutive of her role as a 'goodwill ambassador': lobbying on a large scale and organizing fundraising campaigns. Roxandra Sturdza spoke and wrote with almost equal ease in Russian, Greek, German, French and Italian, a talent that would greatly facilitate her life in European courts. Roxandra Sturdza's writings, as well as witness accounts, all tend to show that she did not consider her communication skills as instruments for her own social recognition, but merely as a tool for the advancement of her own family. In terms of the history of sensibilities, one will recall her exceptional education that spanned the southeast, east and west of Europe, the attraction she felt towards the sublime universal of the mystics, and her Phanariot ancestry.