Ambassadors of Goodwill

Goodwill Ambassador Civil Service Corps

Since we began online in 2009 as an informal social media formation, Globcal International has provided educational information and formal training to over 3,000 people wishing to become or work as goodwill ambassadors all around the world. In 2020 our development and training programs were reformed to develop a registry of all those who have been honorably and legal recognized in their professions as ambassadors, in 2021 it became an idea that has been met with the approval of the United Nations, United States and other international governmental and nongovernmental institutions.

To learn about the agencies and organizations that we recognize and support as official "Goodwill Ambassadors" please see our resources section.

Goodwill Ambassadors of the World

In the course of our work we developed a commission of our own expert goodwill ambassadors to recognize the achievements of our peers and those who inspire us as the most admirable in their careers and adventures working for organizations, nations, governments and communities. Many of our original members (2009-2021) continue to serve in a volunteer capacity for Globcal International while others work directly with the new foundation, the registry, in official roles or in an advisory capacity.

The following is an updated roster of both active and inactive members that have been recognized by Globcal International since our reformation who are distinguished with the honorable title.

Professional Goodwill Ambassadors

Volunteer Alumni

  • Col. David J. Wright

  • Col. Luis Cruz Diaz

  • Col. Maria Veneke Ylikomi

  • Col. Nicholas A. Wright

  • Dr. Abeer Bilbeisi

  • Dr. John D'Amanda

  • Rev. Meena Persad

  • Alan Wilson

  • Antonino Francesco Landi

  • Benjamin Musunza

  • Boban Jovanovic

  • Daniel Dank

  • David Mandrake

  • Djordje Marinkovic

  • Dmitri Demidenko

  • Dragan Milenkovic

  • Frank Ludwig

  • Godfrey Brock-Gadd

  • Ibrahim S. Ahmed

  • Ike M. I. Khamisani

  • Israel Xchel Luna

  • James D. Garcia

  • James Pennington

  • Jason Rios

  • José Emmanuel Ledezma

  • Karen Cantrell

  • Leonna Prather

  • Mauricio Martinez

  • Maya-Lís Wright

  • Mercy Ngozi Alu

  • Nikija Malialin

  • Ram B Khatri Kshatri

  • René Wydler

  • Ricki Landers

  • Shamsul Momen Palash

  • Yecenia Parrilla

  • Alma Kudus Polic

  • Andrew Williams Jr.

  • Angela Benavides Garza

  • Astrid Franchiska

  • Emanuel Seretan

  • Folu Elegbede

  • Francois Franc Verlynde

  • Irmgard Megens

  • Julio Cesar Gonzalez

  • Ricardo Meneses Pilonieta

  • Somchai Hermann Quint

  • Wakeen Edmonds

  • Weber Alexandre

  • Willis Namara Kabuye

  • Zoran Aleksic