Goodwill Ambassadors Logo

Emblem, Insignia, Logo and Media Components

Goodwill Ambassadors' Emblem, Insignia and Logo

For our 12th Anniversary we wanted to do something special so we got a makeover to reflect a distinctive and original look and appearance. Considering we have reaffirmed our commitments with the United Nations, state and national governments, international organizations and Globcal International we wanted to create a unique clean and official identity as a legally constituted body made up of goodwill ambassadors.

Goodwill Ambassadors Logo and Emblem
Goodwill Ambassadors Emblem, Insignia and Logo

Goodwill Ambassadors' Emblem, Insignia and Logo

Wings with the Planet Earth

Our symbol (emblem, insignia, logo) was created and commissioned to coincide with the reinvigoration of the ecology, environment and sustainability movement. Wings were selected because they represent balance, freedom and unity, which are most functional under the positively functioning body manifested in a civil society the Planet Earth.