Make a Nomination

How to Nominate a Goodwill Ambassador for Honorable Recognition with the Commission

There are many ways to be recognized as a goodwill ambassador both formally and informally, officially and unofficially through the use of apostilles, letters patent and diplomatic credence issued by an authorized registrar or point-of-authority.

To nominate someone to become an honorary diplomat or a goodwill ambassador that can be recognized by the Commission you must have official reference materials of their activity collaborated by a news source that is credible and verifiable, photographs of nominees and detailed information activity can also be used. You must also state the particular reason for the nomination and provide accurate biographical details about the person being nominated. Yes, unofficial ambassadors of towns, parks, events, causes and other places can also be recognized, unofficially of course.

All information is kept confidential and in some cases articles will appear on our blog with the private information redacted. Likewise nominations require that the person making the nomination be reliable, transparent and recognized by one of our sponsors, commissioners or members. Nominations to the Honorificus International Title Registry can be made by email or submitted electronically using a form by invitation.

Qualifications of Nominator and the Nominee

Because our organization deals with high-profile individuals and with the common-man who most often are recognized at an equal level ,that may also participate in an open forum together and virtual private network (VPN), all details are required to remain confidential between the executive branch and those being recognized.

Currently all goodwill ambassadors are appointed based on their membership with Globcal International, assignment to a United Nations and all goodwill ambassadors that are recognized are either employees or appointees of the United Nations or selected international non-governmental organizations. This will change during 2022 once our program is tested and the International Title Registry is ready for visitors.

Check back here for an online form coming in the Spring of 2023!