Unofficial Goodwill Ambassadors

Natural protagonists that emerge in our civil society who prove themselves worthy of the commission and the misguided freelance goodwill ambassadors that assume the role to create noise in the international theater.

What is an Unofficial Goodwill Ambassador?

Considering the term UNOFFICIAL is not confused with UN OFFICIAL, there are lots of "unofficial goodwill ambassadors" and "unofficial ambassadors of goodwill" out there, apparently for those who make it to the news based on the suggestion of another, "Unofficial Goodwill Ambassador" is a well earned and placed title that brings great prestige to many. Unofficial Goodwill Ambassadors are mostly, usually connected with local issues, ideas or themes that focus on a park, street, block or often the whole town, those who become Unofficial Goodwill Ambassadors are usually recognized by many people with an apolitical consensus.

The term "unofficial goodwill ambassador" and the title "Unofficial Goodwill Ambassador" are both very relevant because they generally preclude the title holder from engaging diplomatically or being misclassified or confused with official ambassadors that are designated with a commission; but neither should it preclude the "Unofficial Goodwill Ambassador" of San Francisco from being recognized by the Mayor of New York, Chicago or even the Governor of California. Being an unofficial goodwill ambassador can be very rewarding if a major newspaper or article emerges of it.

Usually "unofficial goodwill ambassadors" are not recognized with a commission; that is right away, but many soon are once a benevolent citizen suggests to the state governor or another official that recognizes them well-enough to nominate them to receive an honorary proclamation, which results in a commission.

Unofficial Makes Them Incredible

So now that we know that "Unofficial Goodwill Ambassadors" may be real goodwill ambassadors, then what is wrong with unofficial or non-commissioned goodwill ambassadors? Some organizations such as the Global Goodwill Ambassador Foundation (GGAF), Goodwill Industries International Inc. (GOODWILL ®), as well as other organizations came under investigation and observation by the Goodwill Ambassador Commission for common law copyright, trademark and trade name infringement as well as causing confusion to generate a financial benefit from relative use of the GOODWILL AMBASSADOR(S) MARKS to disseminate "goodwill" professionally.

How to find Unofficial Goodwill Ambassadors?

Using explicit search queries it is relatively easy to find "unofficial goodwill ambassadors".