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You can contact the Goodwill Ambassador Commission Council directly using formal legal email. Any person that is a credible author with an ORCID can apply as an anonymous writer, with credits in the credit section. Writers must join Globcal International to write for us and actually obtain a role.

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To contact the Goodwill Ambassadors authorship (Goodwill Ambassador Commission) also known as Goodwill Ambassadors of the World, formerly Goodwill Ambassadors, Inc., Goodwill Ambassadors of Tennessee or the International Goodwill Ambassador Guild with correspondence you will need to contact the Executive Officer of Globcal International who is serving as the commission's chargé d'affaires and marshal during our reorganization period. The Goodwill Ambassador Commission only meets once per calendar year in the month of February to chart the course for the year ahead.

The Goodwill Ambassadors website is a Creative Commons website under an Attribution Noncommercial ShareAlike 4.0 International license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). The Goodwill Ambassador Commission under Globcal International is responsible for the © Goodwill Ambassadors (Copyright), Goodwill Ambassadors ™ (Trademark), and International Title ® Registration. If you have materials that you would like to provide for inclusion in our website please send them to the email address below. Licenses are available for the title and trademark for personal and professional non-commercial and commercial purposes.

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Goodwill Ambassadors is .. an independent commission and fellowship of goodwill ambassadors from various organizations interested in the collective idea of policy within a strict code of ethics and moral standards for the classification and qualification of ambassadors, brand ambassadors, goodwill ambassadors, tourism ambassadors, cultural ambassadors, etc.

All communications are presented in diplomatic format and style; email is confidential and we observe best practices in our communications. Replies are not made to email correspondence that is not properly presented or that an action cannot be taken.

Please contact us through our Facebook page for best response, you can also email us at:

There is also a discreet contact form on our Blog where we publish our articles. See: News Contact